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What is housepass


DigitiZe your property documents

Forget archives full of real estate documents. Save yourself some time and money by digitizing all your documents in one platform.

Store contracts, guaranty documents, energy supplier invoices, certificates and more in your own Housepass. 

Avoid losing important real estate paperwork and legal documents.

Find your information in no time

No need to dive into years of paperwork every time a guaranty is due. Housepass automatically categorizes your documents which makes them available for you whenever you need them.

A smart and fast document retrieval tool that's easy to use and sustainable.

Obtain an overview and insight of your costs

Do you actually know what you spend on your real estate?

Housepass outlines your complete budget, exposing hidden costs and giving you insight on your complete real estate budget.

Get check-up notifications when certificates are due

Never again forget to schedule a check-up for your technical installations.

Based on your digitized and categorized certifications or guarantees you receive notifications of necessary inspections. 

No more monthly or yearly reminders. No more fines for forgotten maintenance.

Add value when selling your house

Hand over and receive your property’s certifications, guarantees, legal documentation and more with confidence when buying and selling a house.

Buy and sell with confidence. Your property's report is the key in your transaction. 

Housepass ensures full disclosure on your real estate's value.

Maintain all your properties

Housepass has the possibility to manage multiple properties.

Every landlord needs an overview of the costs and benefits of his real estate.

Limitless properties can be added in Housepass.

Get in real-time an update of all your properties 


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